Behind the Bookstagram with Alchemy Bookshop

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If you recall, I have a new feature called Behind the Bookstagram. This is where I’ll shine a light on some awesome bookstagrammers and they can explain some of the stories behind their photos. You might even learn a new trick or two for your own photos!

For my first Behind the Bookstagram, I would like to introduce you all to Jane, Anne, and Alice from Alchemy Bookshop!

Behind the Bookstagram with Alchemy Bookshop

Here are just a couple of funny and useful techniques I have used to “get the shot”.

My bedroom has absolutely no natural light, so to get those cute, cozy bed pics…. I make a fake bed on the floor 😀

I also have a little table set up where the natural light is the best in my house to be able to easily take a quick pic if I need to take a picture. It has saved SO MUCH TIME. I keep the blanket for the background under the table with a few props and VOILA, instant bookstagram pic.

I use adobe lightroom for my edits with some presets that I bought through (I have no relationship with them).  Well worth the purchase as I normally batch all my photos in one day, taking several hundred photos at one time.  It would take FOREVER to edit them without the presets.

My co-blogger’s set up is the set up on her bed. She gets great natural light in her bedroom and uses a $3 poster board to help bounce light (instead of buying a reflector online). We have the same presets on lightroom to help keep our editing more consistent.
We both use our iPhone cameras (8 & 10) and no fancy props (primarily use stuff from around the house like my house plants). The biggest investment that we made was with the lightroom presets but you can use a free app like snapseed if you don’t want to make that investment. I think the presets we purchased were $50 each. We recently upgraded to matching $30 target blankets for backgrounds to help our pictures match a little bit better.

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21 responses to “Behind the Bookstagram with Alchemy Bookshop

  1. I need to get another lamp or something for the area where I’ve been doing my photos because it doesn’t have the best light. Thanks for sharing these ideas, I’m always trying to work on my bookstagram as well. I’m also starting on TikTok so need to figure out what kind of videos I want to do on there.

  2. I love love love how people style photos and the props they use to stage a shot. This is awesome and using the floor and creating a bed there—so creative!

  3. LOVE this idea!! I have been carrying around some flat lays in my Amazon cart for months. Time to buy those babies. So clever to have created a cozy fake bed on the floor somewhere that the lighting is better. I would have to make mine in the yard because our whole darn house is so dark. This is a great post. For my next book reviews, I am going to try some of your tips for my photos.

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