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It’s time for another Currently post with Anne of In Residence

I’m here today to share my Currently June 2018 post with some other fabulous bloggers. Link up with us, or share your own answers in the comments.


I wish I was traveling somewhere fun this summer. However, I am going to New York City in November and I cannot wait. I don’t have an itinerary (of sorts) yet but I know I’m seeing Cursed Child part 1 and 2 one of the days. I’m kind of hoping to meet up with some bloggers while I’m there though – anyone wanna hang with me?


My family loves grilled food, but we haven’t started grilling yet. The first night will be this Saturday when we celebrate my niece’s birthday (she’s turning 2 and I just cannot believe it!)


My own city! One of the things I love about the summer is that there are a lot of events taking place. For example, I have plans to see a movie in the park with a friend this Friday (the movie? The Sandlot!) I also recently went to Taste of Cincinnati, which you can read about here. Have your own local adventures to share? Join in Local Tourist!


Β I hope to plant the notion in the minds of those I love that they are important, it’s okay to have mental health issues, but that I want you here and I hope you find the help you need…if you need it. Thinking of this after hearing news of Kate Spade’s suicide yesterday.


Well…I’m soon to be playing records on my new RECORD PLAYER! I’ve never had one before but I’ve always wanted one, and I got one from my parents/grandparents for my birthday. I’m so excited! Any records I need for my collection?!

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44 responses to “Currently: June 2018

  1. Lisa

    Haven’t started grilling yet??? How have you survived??
    Your Local Tourist linkup sounds fun – I love to explore my area, so I’ll have to join in on the next one!

  2. Ali

    This is a lovely post! It’s a perfect fun, summer post – and I especially like your “planting” comment <3 πŸ™

  3. New York City will be so fun…it never gets old. My mother-daughter trip was my 6th time there, and I still saw so many new things. And seeing the HP play…priceless!!

  4. I love exploring the city. Usually, I avoid it but I always find fun things when I do take a deeper look into it. And YAY for a record player!! Our library has records to check out. Makes me want one too!

    Kim Munoz recently posted: June Mantras and Goals
  5. How fun about your November trip to New York! I have never been there but have always wanted to go. Someday! I love what you are planting, it is such an important message. And how fun about your record player! Vinyl has made such an amazing comeback!

  6. A movie in the park sounds like a blast, plus The Sandlot is such a classic! A trip to NYC sounds so exciting, I’ve always wanted to go!

  7. Very cool that you got a record player. I had one growing up and my parents still have one, I think! Also cool that you will see Cursed Child on Broadway, I’m jealous!

  8. OMG, you’re coming to NYC this November?! I’d love to meet up! that’s so fun you’ll essentially be in my backyard, and how neat you have a blank itinerary!

    Ooof. The news of Kate Spade’s passing sits so heavy on my heart πŸ™ I’m so glad that people are sharing their stories and opening up, piece by piece, about their mental health struggles. It’s okay to reach out and get help. In fact, it’s encouraged! Thank you for sharing that <3

    Hope you are having a great week and all the best for June! XO

  9. A trip to NYC is on my bucket list, how fun! That is awesome that you are getting a record player. We have a fun little record store in Birmingham that has grown in popularity lately. I am all about exploring your own city. I have a bucket list of things to do around Birmingham. Most are places to eat, but I have a few other activities on there too.

  10. I really adored your post about Kate Spade <3
    We've been grilling since the weather turned! I love it because my husband grills and it gives me a chance to take the night off!
    No travel plans outside of work stuff, but I'm hoping to squeeze one or three trips in this year πŸ™‚

  11. We haven’t grilled yet this summer and we need to soon! Ohh, I have only been to NYC once and I’d love to go again. I think we were only there for 4 nights, so we crammed a lot in. I’d love to go for a week next time!


  12. I hope you have a great time in NYC when you go. I can’t wait to see what you think of Cursed Child.

    I can’t wait to cook out on the grill too. We bought a new grill to use Memorial Day weekend and it rained all weekend and the weekend after so we still haven’t used it, lol.

  13. Aww, we used to love Taste of Cincinnati – makes me miss my Cincinnati days. But also always a good reminder to enjoy the fun local things for the town you’re currently in. Mine has a great farmers market and of course the beach, so I’ll be taking advantage of those as much as possible this summer!

    Thanks for joining in again πŸ™‚

  14. YAY for the record player! I loved those, I usually listed to music while I take my bookish photos for Bookstagram: @BookNerdBecky , loved your post!

  15. I love that you got a record player! So fun! I had tons of records as a kid, but they are all scratched up now. I’m so jealous of your NYC trip. I wish I could go and meet-up. I was so shocked about Kate Spade. It just shows that you never know how people are struggling, and that anyone might really need help. So sad.

  16. So sad to hear about Kate Spade. It really is important for all of us to be aware and interact with kindness at every opportunity. We never know what someone is going through. Totally on board with “lift everyone up.” Never miss an opportunity to let someone know they are important and make a difference. Writing and bringing awareness can create one of the paths necessary. Thanks for doing that today and with all your writing! Wishing I was able to grill on a regular basis this summer. I’ll have to figure something out for our little apartment balcony. Wishing you a fabulous June!

    Mary Varville-Rodriguez at World of Writer Mom recently posted: PLEASE ...Roll your eyes at me! (It means you heard what I said!)
  17. Grilling is the best! mmm love summer food! And yay for New York- hope it’s an awesome trip when it gets here. πŸ™‚

  18. Have fun grilling this weekend, we got a new gas grill recently and it is so nice to just turn that thing on instead of planning with the coals. Love movies in the park, one of my favorite cheap things to do!

  19. I love seeing outdoor movies in the park, and so happy it’s that season again! And The Sandlot?! I wish they played classics like that here! YAY for NYC! Let me know when you have more deets!

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