Summer Bucket List

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I’m here today to share my summer bucket list and link up with some other fab bloggers. Tomorrow is actually the first official day of summer, but I have another post to share, so I’m here today! Let’s get started—

Summer Bucket List

Now, you might remember that I actually did a Summer Fun from A to Z post and that really does count as a summer bucket list. However, I have a few little things I wanted to add, so that’s what I’m doing today!

Summer Bucket List for 2018

  1. Swim at Night: I actually got to swim at night this past Sunday, but I’d like to do it one or two times more. It’s just so relaxing and you don’t have to worry about getting sun burnt.
  2. Paint All My Nails: This means my fingers and toes – it’s been awhile since I’ve painted either, so I want to do that this summer!
  3. Read Winter by Marissa Meyer: This is the final book in the Lunar Chronicles series, which I love, so I want to finally take the time this summer to read the last book!
  4. Celebrate My Blogoversary: This August, I will have been blogging for 11 years. It’s crazy, and I definitely plan to celebrate with some fun posts – and a giveaway or two! If you want to celebrate with me, please get in touch!
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Check out all the blog’s bucket lists! Please share what’s on your own bucket list in the comments!

51 responses to “Summer Bucket List

  1. I’m a slacker about the nailpainting, too. I do love to have painted toes for sandal and flip flop weather so I’ll join you on that one.
    Night swims are fun and I think you’ll end up devouring Winter.
    Enjoy your list items, Lauren.

  2. I love your list because it’s not super long–you can totally do all of these things!! I am terrible about keeping my nails painted. I would like to do it more but I can’t manage to keep it up. Congrats on 11 years, that is awesome!!

  3. It has been so long since I’ve painted my nails AND toes. I usually have to get someone paint my toes because I can’t bend to do them myself LOL! They look pretty though.
    August is a good month for blogversaries! My self hosted date is that month. The only reason I know that is because I get a bill. LOL! Damn those bills. But my son’s birthday is that month and my little brother’s so it’s a good month!

  4. That is a fun list! Night swimming sounds fun! I love painting all my nails. I’m not so good at it, but I love it. And your blogoversary is awesome, 11 years is amazing!

  5. Three or four years ago, we went for a night swim at the beach when we were down there and it was so fun! Something magical about swimming in the moonlight. What a fun bucket list!

  6. I hope to take my kids to the lake a couple of times.
    I hope to read a lot of books.
    I hope to build up my business before I leave my part-time job. I’m currently on a leave of absence for the next 1 1/2 weeks, but I plan on staying long enough to pay off a couple of bills. So hopefully not too much longer there.

    Brooke Lorren recently posted: Warcross: The Best Book I Read in 2017
  7. Wowza 11 years! That’s awesome! Time flies when we are having fun right? I need to get a pedicure this summer. I haven’t had one since my wedding which was September of 2016! Yikes! I need to ask my pedicure pal to go with me! I hope you achieve all your lists! Happy Summer!

    Trish @ The Trish List recently posted: "Home" is where the heart is
  8. Pat

    LOL. I painted my finger nails just this week for the first time in years! A super-cute pink to show off my tan. Not sure how long it will last, but it defiantly says summer to me!

    Congrats on 11 years of blogging! Just WOW.

    Visiting from Summer Bucket Link Link…. looking for inspiration for mine.

  9. Clearly I’ve been MIA for too long- I had no idea you did the A-Z Challenge! I’ll have to check it out! I don’t keep up with painting my fingers (so much chipping, it’s such a pain!) but I can’t go outside with naked toes if I’m wearing sandals- it’s just one of my “things” haha. I have a destination wedding/vacation coming up later this month though, so I think I’m going to treat myself to a proper mani/pedi 🙂 11 years is amazing- happy early blogoversary!

    Dani recently posted: ABC's of Spring and Summer Goals
  10. Blogging for eleven years sounds CRAZY. I just celebrated my first year and that already felt so huge, haha.

    I don’t think I’ve painted my toe nails in the past ten years.. I can’t even remember if I ever did.. Maybe when I was really little? So weird thinking about this and don’t recalling the last time..

    Hope you get to tick off all these goals!

  11. 11 years of blogging! That is impressive and something to celebrate for sure. Getting my nails (toes and fingers) painted is one of my self-indulgences. I have a standing appointment. Enjoy your summer!

  12. ELEVEN YEARS LAUREN! Holy shit that’s HUGE! I can’t wait to help celebrate with you, you’re such an inspiration. We’re coming into the middle of winter here and it’s been icy cold! Just thinking about swimming at night makes my hair stand on end. It’s usually not so bad here, fresh but it’s been minus degrees in the early morning already. I will be painting my nails in solidarity though Lauren ♥♥♥

  13. Congrats on 11 years of blogging, that’s awesome! I’m only a few months in–hopefully I can hit a milestone like that! Enjoy night swimming, it’s one of my favorite summer activities 🙂

  14. How can you have been blogging for 11 years this August? I didn’t even know what a blog was 11 years ago. Didn’t realize how far under a rock I’ve been living. Where do you do your night swimming? It has been well over 100 here every day for weeks, so swimming in the sun means almost instant sunburn, even with SPF. I might try your night swimming myself.
    Glad you have a good book picked out to enjoy. I am somehow hosting a virtual book club, if you are interested!!

    • shooting

      It’s crazy to me that it’s been almost 11 years. Time just really flies! I have my own pool, so I can swim at night – it’s one those round, above ground pools. Have any friends with pools?

  15. Wow – 11 years of blogging – that is awesome!
    Great summer list – don’t know when last I swam at night but I agree – no worries with sunburn!

  16. Congratulations on (almost) 11 years of blogging! Hope you get to cross off all your things on your list. It is winter in South Africa and although we don’t get as cold as the northern hemisphere I have just moved and it’s my first winter anywhere near snow. I am freezing! We are definitely not geared for winters. Thank you for visiting Crushingcinders.

    Sue @ Crushingcinders recently posted: Adding to Your TBR – July 2018
  17. Great buckle list! All that self-love is important. Too hot here to go swimming until the evening but here in Texas we float down the river on huge inner tubes. With trees hanging along the sides of the river you are rarely in the full sun. ♥️

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