Leave a Mark Auctions: Until the End of Our Forever (open to U.S. bids)

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Back to the auctions! Today I have another annotated book that is open to bidders in the U.S. Read on for more details about this LGBT+ paranormal novel.

Up for Grabs: An Annotated Copy of Until the End of Our Forever by Tara Lynn

Official Summary: Blinded by the promise of immortality you were seduced by their world. Deceived with the allure of hypnotic smoke to mask the fire burning below.


We left our immortal family to start a new life, in the hopes that it would help Cole break his blood-drug addiction. I love him with unwavering devotion but I fear our relationship fueled his need to use. I kept my feelings hidden to protect Cole from himself. Enabling him throughout the last ten years and giving into my undying need to be close to him. Lately, I realized together we are stronger, there is no reason for us to be apart, he is my heaven, and I am his life. We were finally happy.

But I should have known better, for when I’m at my happiest the world around me seems to crumble. A misunderstanding led to arguments that snowballed into the worst weekend of our very long lives. A death, a curse, and finally the return of our estranged family, the Elite Immortals back into our world. The bond we share strengthens as a web of lies brings forth the unmasking of an old-world feud. Will the discovery of the truth be our salvation or will it be the catalyst that ends our forever?


We promised each other eternal love on the night we became immortals. Tristan is dramatic and impulsive but he is also my life, he is love, he is everything. My addiction broke us but time mended those fractures. As Tristan lets go of his fear of me falling back into old habits, I can see the admiration in his eyes.

When we say we’ll love each other until the end of our forever, it’s not just words, it’s a promise. I am his Vida and he is my Cielo. It will stay that way until the end. He is drama and I am explosive passion. Together we are an imperfectly perfect match.

A curse threatens to expunge the light from my lover’s eyes, a web of lies uncloaked, and the trust of our family is broken by a secret never meant to be revealed. Will we be strong enough to defeat the evil within, when there are demons at our door?

Discover the secrets behind their forever.

How To Bid:

The first person who comments must bid at least $10. After that, the bids have to go up in at least $1 increments. You can always bid more though. More details on the auctions, bidding, and donating a book can be found here.

Who Can Bid:

U.S. only

What Happens After the Auction:

The highest bidder will donate that money to The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. I do not touch any of the money. The highest bidder donates, sends proof via email, and the book is then mailed out by myself or the author. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items once mailed. Myself, Lauren Becker, is not responsible for any authors not sending their book(s) but I have faith everyone involved will.

DEADLINE: You can now start bidding on Until the End of Our Forever. It will end on Sunday, November 19 at 9:59 p.m. EST – so don’t forget to check any last minute bids!!

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