TBB Asks: What Are Your Fall Favorites?

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It’s officially Fall and it’s also the first day of my favorite month – OCTOBER – so I’m here to share TBB Asks latest Q&A AKA Fall 2.0. Feel free to join and link up with us – I’d love to know your Fall favorites! 

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1. Favorite fall color? I kind of like all the traditional Fall colors, so I can’t really say that I have a favorite. I guess orange really makes me think of Fall though.

2. Apple cider hot or cold? Cold! I’m not a warm drink person at all.

3. Caramel apple: yes or no? Uh yes, caramel apples are total fall favorites! I even have eat one (or two) on my Fall Bucket List.

4. Pumpkin doughnut or apple cider doughnut? I’ve never had either, but I’m going with apple cider because pretty much anything apple is part of my fall favorites – cider, apple pie, caramel apples, etc.

5. Long or short cardigan? I don’t mind either, but I probably wear more short cardigans/sweaters in the Fall.

6. Favorite football or fall party food? I really like Crock-Pot meatballs. You can eat them anytime, but they’re nice and warm, so Fall is a great time to make them!

7. Orange or white pumpkins? Orange – I just feel like white pumpkins look a bit strange!

8. Hayride or bonfire? I don’t mind either, but a bonfire is usually something you can enjoy more…and I’d love to make some s’mores over a bonfire this Fall.

9. Favorite fall baked good? As I said above, I do love all things apple, so I’m going to go with apple pie for this one.

10. Most anticipated fall activity? There are a lot of things I have planned and/or hope to do this Fall, so I can’t really choose one. Fall is my favorite season so it’s full of fun things to do. Let’s see though – attend a Fall Festival, go to Halloween Haunt at King’s Island (Ohio Amusement Park), and host a Halloween movie night with my sister (just to name a few Fall favorites I hope to do this year).

Tell me: Do you like Fall? What are some of your own Fall Favorites? 

37 responses to “TBB Asks: What Are Your Fall Favorites?

  1. Kind of a fun tag! I always love hot chocolate in winter and fall. I’ve never been a hot cider type of person even though I love both cinnamon and apples. Fun getting to know you better!

  2. October/Halloween is my favorite, too!
    I love warm drinks- how can you not??! Get yourself an apple cider donut AND a pumpkin donut this year 😉 I love all these fall answers on everyone’s blogs. Totally putting me in the fall mood!!

    Audrey recently posted: Unconventional Halloween Movies
  3. You have never had an Apple Cider Donut?? What?? You so need to try one, they are so good!! I’m so with you, white pumpkins are so weird.

  4. I’m going to do my post for this tomorrow! I am with you, all the apple stuff! I like a little bit of pumpkin, but I prefer apple. Crock pot meatballs are delicious!! A perfect party food! Gosh I love Fall!

  5. Interesting question and answers, Lauren. I prefer hot cider in fall and winter. Pretty much all else, we seem to be similar tastes. I do love a long sweater for over leggings. Anything apple for dessert is a go. I recently had an apple galette. I think that’s what it’s called. A pastry filled with apple and not too sweet. The only thing I don’t care about in the fall besides the rain, is football. 😀

    lisa thomson recently posted: New Look, New Season
  6. I think I like cold cider too. In fact I’m not sure I’ve had it heated up? I probably have at some festival or something and just don’t remember. Bonfires are awesome, and yes… white pumpkins DO look a little weird! A halloween movie night sounds fun. 🙂

  7. So fun! I love this! I have to agree with you on orange, but I do love hot drinks…although not cider. You should def try an apple cider donut…yum!!!!

  8. Love these questions! I Have never even tried apple cider but its on my fall bucket list now. Same for the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Im am finally on board with Fall! Mostly I just can’t wait for Thanksgiving and maybe seeing some family then!

    Kim Munoz recently posted: Menu Plan: October 1st
  9. I am definitely a fan of cold apple cider, over ice in fact. I love bonfires, and although I enjoy the idea of a hayride, I’m not fond of sitting in the hay because of allergies. So excited that fall is finally here!

  10. Yes to a bonfire and s’mores! Orange always makes me think of fall too, although I like both colors of pumpkins 🙂 I love all the fun activities that you can do in the fall too.

  11. Jen

    Why must we decide on #4, can’t we eat both and call it double winning? 🙂

    Happy Fall y’all. Kind of think that’s my new fall go-to saying.

  12. Apple cider – yum! I’ll take it hot or cold or anything in between. 🙂 And crockpot meatballs… oh my gosh, now you have me craving them. LOL And I’ll take both those doughnut flavors, thank you very much. It must be close to lunchtime because I seem to only be concentrating on the food-related questions. Ha!

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