Keep It Together: Spring 2020 Bucket List

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Today I’m actually going to focus on my Spring Bucket List, which is a seasonal link-up with Leslie from Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After.Β Β 

I consider bucket lists to be a mix of planning and memory keeping, so it works. However, with everything going on in the world concerning Covid-19 (aka coronavirus), I don’t really know what this Spring is going to look like. I’m hoping that self-quarantine rules won’t be in place for too long, but who knows? I still wanted to come up with a bucket list though, so it’s going to be a mostly general one!

Keep It Together: Spring 2020 Bucket List

  1. Get Outside – it’s not going to do me much good to be shut up in the house all day, every day, so as long as the weather permits, I want to try and get outside as much as I can. Take a walk, or just hang out on my porch and read!
  2. Work On My London Scrapbook – I have pretty much everything I need, so it’s about time I actually worked on this thing!
  3. Plan My 30th Birthday Trip– I’m planning on going to Gatlinburg later this year with my mom and sister for a 30th birthday vacation. I can use this time to do more research and figure out what I want do and see. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know!
  4. Have a Movie Musical Night – I love musicals, as does my sister, so I think it would be fun to hang out with her one night and watch some. We own quite a few on DVD, but we’re also lucky to have access to Netflix, etc.
  5. Blog Ahead – being stuck at home most of the time means I should have more time for blogging, right? I definitely want to get more posts written and scheduled for the blog though so I have a nice back up for when we’re all allowed to resume our normal lives!
  6. Keep Up with the Read the Alphabet Challenge – I just posted some of the books I hope to read this season that go along with the Read the Alphabet Challenge I’m doing, so I definitely want to keep up with that. It’s a great way to read more of the books on my shelves.
  7. Get a Mint Shake– Drive-thrus and carry out are still open where I live, so sometime soon I’d like to get a Chocolate Mint shake from Arby’s or a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s. I don’t eat much ice cream, but these are seasonal shakes that always taste good – so why not give myself a little cheer?
  8. Finish iZombie – My parents and I have been watching iZombie on Netflix, and we love it! We’re in the midst of season 4 and there are 5 seasons total, so we’re almost there! This would be a great time to finally finish the series.

I’m going to leave it at 8. Like I said, it’s fairly simple things for this season since I don’t know what Spring 2020 is going to look like. I’m hoping that things go back to normal sooner than later, but at least I have some things to focus on, which is always good for my mental health!

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36 responses to “Keep It Together: Spring 2020 Bucket List

  1. It is so hard not to know what’s going to happen in the near future much less then future future! This is a great list for the time being!

  2. I love bucket lists, and I think it’s definitely a great idea during these times! I’m also at home since this week and I also want to try and blog ahead – but also get outside some because some fresh air is definitely needed now and then. It’s definitely tough not knowing what the next weeks, months will bring, but I hope you and your family are doing well!

  3. Great list, Lauren. A 30th birthday trip sounds wonderful!! Where is Gatlinburg, though? Pardon my ignorance πŸ˜›
    A 30th birthday trip sounds wonderful!! Everything is so uncertain at the moment. We have to take it day by day. Your list is doable in spite of all that. Enjoy the musicals. What an uplifting thing to do now.

    lisa thomson recently posted: Don’t PANdemIC
    • Not Lauren here, but Gatlinburg is in East Tennessee! I’m from the Nashville area, and I have been to Gatlinburg at least 20 times! It’s fun and has gorgeous scenery, along with plenty of cheesy shows and overpriced things to buy lol.

  4. Goodness, right? I feel like my entire Spring plan is just a GIF of Haymitch Abernathy saying “Stay Alive”. I mean it’s like the fourth or fifth day and already I am ready to lose it. Mostly I think because the kids aren’t great at letting me get stuff done- though I am at least commenting on blogs at the moment so that’s something! And YAY that you have a trip to look forward to when this all calms down! I think we NEED stuff to look forward to at this point or we will lose our minds!

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: Reviews in a Minute: MiddleMarch
    • shooting

      Oh gosh yes, I always have to look forward to things, so it’s just different things to look forward to these days. I hope things get better soon!

  5. I’ve got a list similar to yours – go outside every day, and I’m hoping that I can get caught up on some scrapbooking. I’m years upon years behind, so any time I get in, I’m going to call a win. Stay well!

    • shooting

      I’m glad it could give you some ideas. I definitely can’t wait to do the movie musical night…maybe more than once. πŸ™‚

  6. This virus completely sucks but it does give us a TON of time to get some tasks done at home. And plan for future trips & projects. Trying to look at the bright side, I guess. Good luck with your list!

    Audrey recently posted: The American Reality
  7. I like that you have a rather doable list for your time at home. Planning the trip can be fun. I hope you will be able to take it! I also love musicals. AMC used to do marathons during the summer, all the old ones form the 30s-60s. I was obsessed.

  8. A perfect list for the spring of COVID-19. There are many lovely things we can do while self-isolating or being under quarantine, but it does take some intentional living. Your bucket list will help with that. Stay safe and happy spring!

  9. Oh I love a good book list! My problem is there are too many books so how does one stick to reading just those books? LOL.

    And I happen to have grown up in East TN so I know Gatlinburg and the area well. I love the cheesiness. I was just in Vermont and they had some stores that reminded me of Gatlinburg. It brought back so many memories. So I think you should definitely go to Dollywood. And there are lots of outlets in Pigeon Forge. Gatlinburg itself is just pretty and nice. You can walk the streets and see everything. I highly recommend you take the road over to Townsend. It’s a pretty ride around the mountain and the home of Blackberry Farm ( And you aren’t that far out of Cherokee, NC either. SO much fun stuff to do and see!

    Have fun! And take good care!

  10. I really need to get outside more too, I have spent WAY too much time indoors these days. And a movie musical night sounds like so much fun!

  11. I went to Gatlinburg once when I was in grade school and while I don’t remember much about it I do remember having so much fun. You have a great list here.

  12. I love that you still did a spring bucket list! It hadn’t even occurred to me, after it felt like EVERYTHING got cancelled (our spring break trip, our town’s big annual tulip festival, the bike race and the run I had signed up for, etc. etc.), but I love the idea of still coming up with some special spring things for yourself. A musical movie night sounds amazing, as does a takeout milkshake. I think I’m going to put plant a backyard garden on my list for starters!

    • shooting

      Yeah, so much was cancelled for me too and it sucks, but I wanted to focus on some things that I COULD do and look forward to.

  13. So sorry to be so slow in getting by to read everyone’s bucket lists. LIFE. COVID-19. Ugh.

    Did you get that shake yet? Funny how that is one of the things that interested me most. I am going to be big as a barn before this stuff is over!! All I want to do is EAT! And then wash it down with a beer.

    Maybe we could do a post about scrapbooking together. I am trying to scrap my granddaughters’ births. I know Joanne at Slices of Life scraps. We could do it as part of your keeping it together series. I need to write that down!!

    Musical night sounds fun. We need to stop making every night a news night and get back to watching something else. But I feel paralyzed. Like I just can’t get into anything right now.

    Hope you girls are staying safe and well up there.

    Leslie Susan Clingan recently posted: My 2020 Spring Bucket List
    • shooting

      Ooh yes, I’d love to do a scrapbooking post with you. Just let me know. It would motivate me to work on it. LOL

      And no, I haven’t gotten a shake yet – but I hope to soon!! I know it’s April now, so who knows if they have those flavors anymore, but we’ll see.

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