A New Version of Glossies Made Me Do It

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Glossies Made Me Do It: A New Version

November 2017 – Dua Lipa’s Debut Album

I’ve been doing Glossies Made Me Do It since 2017…which seems like just yesterday! If you aren’t aware of what that is, it’s a monthly link up where I share what magazines have inspired me to do. Sometimes that’s discussing something, other times I reviewed a beauty product, and more. I subscribe to a lot of magazines and I love sharing the various finds I come across each month. However, it’s never really taken off as a link up – aka other people don’t tend to share similar posts and link up with me. I’ve had people here and there, along with two fellow bloggers when this first started.

January 2018: Bullet Journaling

Now, I don’t want to get rid of Glossies Made Me Do it altogether. Like I said, I think the feature is fun and I like sharing the various magazine finds I come across. I just don’t want to be stuck to a particular day of the month. Therefore, I’m not going to do the link-up part of Glossies anymore. If you wish to do your own Glossies post, that would be awesome, and please do let me know so I can share your links and visit/comment.

May 2019- Memorial Day Flowers

For me, I’m going to do Glossies whenever I have the time or inclination…so some months might not have anything, while other months might have more than one Glossies Made Me Do It post. I won’t be limited to the magazine that just came out – I’ll be sharing things from magazines I’ve read in the past too. Because of this, I might not always know which magazine I found something in, but I figured it’s more about the find than where I got it from at this point, right?

May 2020- Expressie from Essie

I hope you’ll enjoy the posts when they pop up, and thank you to those who have linked up with me in the past! Again, you’re more than welcome to do your own Glossies Made Me Do It post. I would be thrilled to read them and help you spread the word!

March 2021- National Crafting Month

Normally today would be a Glossies post – second Friday of the month – but I don’t have anything to share at the moment beyond this update. If you have your own finds though – let me know!

Do you read magazines? Have you ever found anything you just had to talk about, try, put on a wish list?

20 responses to “A New Version of Glossies Made Me Do It

  1. I think this is really a fun thing! I usually got inspired by fashion TV shows that encouraged me to put together fun and eccentric outfit. So cool you’re sharing what you got inspired by, and I’m loving this bronze nail polish colour!


  2. I don’t have a magazine subscription anymore, but I should get Martha Stewart again. I’ve always loved it in the past. I think posting a “Glossies” when you feel like it is a great plan.

  3. Not generally a reader of glossies if only because I can’t justify the high cost of them when that money could be spent on a book. I did however enjoy glancing through several glossies past around by a fellow patient whilst in hospital recently… she must have spent a small fortune …

    Felicity Grace Terry recently posted: HARRY AND HICCUP PLAY HIDE-AND-SEEK.
  4. I so rarely read magazines anymore. Every once in awhile I’ll buy one, then I’ll either set it aside for later, or get halfway through it and then never go back to it. I used to subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, I think from the very first issue of it, and I read it cover to cover the day it arrived. Now I just don’t have time. But I do love your posts! Glad you will still be doing them.

    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted: ARC Review: Made in Korea by Sarah Suk
  5. I do enjoy these posts and cant wait to see more in the future. I love flipping through physical magazines. I subscribe to Southern living and Martha Stewart.

  6. I miss magazines! I was at the grocery store browsing them recently and thought how fun it would be to buy a few magazines and spend an entire afternoon reading them! I have always loved your Glossies posts!


  7. I used to love having magazines around so i like this feature, even though I don’t buy nearly as many magazines anymore (and I guess if everyone is like that it’s part of why magazines are struggling- sigh). I’m glad you’ll still be doing these though.

  8. I used to subscribe to several magazines but I now try to read anytime I have a spare moment so I stopped all of my subscriptions probably around the time I started blogging. It is a fun feature! It will be good to have more flexibility with it.

  9. I love magazines and have such fond memories of my first Seventeen magazine when I was in high school. Saw a magazine full of ground beef recipes and should have bought it there and then but didn’t and now I can’t find it again. There are a zillion recipes online, I know, but there’s something about following one from a magazine. Missed when you shared the snowflakes. LOVE that project. Would like to make some this Christmas with my grands.

    Hey…next time you don’t have a glossies post, maybe you could invite us to all share our memories of magazines!!

    Leslie Susan Clingan recently posted: Where Bloggers Live 05.2021: Let it Go

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