2021 Summer Bucket List (and Spring Bucket List Update)

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I did create a Spring 2021 Bucket List but I never posted any updates, so before I get to my Summer list, I figured I should probably see how I did:

Have a picnic in the park (any park!): Nope, but hopefully I can do that soon. 
Go to the drive-in movie theater: Nope, but this is another I want to do soon! 
Visit the Root Beer Stand: Sigh, same as the others. 
Do at least one Spring-ish craft: Yes! I made an Ice Cream Cone planter pot and a Patriotic Clothespin Wreath – you can see photos of both here
Dance in my recital: Yes, and it went really well! You can see a photo of myself in costume at the same link above, or go here. 
Go to an outdoor craft show: Yes, I went to the same craft show two days in a row and then a couple others. 
Use my ice cream maker: No…one of these days. hah 
Watch a new-to-me show on Netflix: Not a show, so I’m not going to count this. 
Send some little gifts to faraway friends: Yes, I sent a couple things to a friend of mine who lives in NYC so I’ll count it. 
Go to Trader Joe’s (believe it or not, I’ve never been!): Nope, but I do have one being built a lot closer to me so it should be soon! 
(Finally) Read: Beach Read by Emily Henry: Not yet, but I will read it this summer! 
Buy and read at least 2 books that came out in 2021: Yes! I bought and read in the past few months these two books: If I Disappear by Eliza Jane Brazier and Ghosts of Weirdwood by Christian McKay Heidicker 

Total: 5/12

Yeah, not the best, but honestly, I thought it was going to be less! HAH! I did a lot of fun things this past Spring though that I didn’t have on my list like seeing a movie in the theaters, eating lots of ice cream, going to Coney Island, going to King’s Island, attending an in-person book club at the library, attending an in-person craft event at the library, and eating a snowball with ice cream for the first time. I’m sure you’ll hear more about some of these in my next Local Tourist post!

Anyway, thanks to Leslie for doing these seasonal bucket lists and it’s time for my…

2021 Summer Bucket List

  1. Eat at the Root Beer Stand
  2. Go to the Drive-In Movie Theater
  3. Go to Eishaus and order the spaghetti “3-way”
  4. See the movie In the Heights
  5. Have an outdoor movie night/party at a friend’s house
  6. Swim at night (because it’s the best!)
  7. See an Omnimax movie at the Cincinnati Museum Center
  8. Go and get a massage (I have a gift card from my birthday)

That’s about all I can think of at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll be doing other fun summery-things and I’ll be sure to share them on the blog!

What about you? Do you have a Summer Bucket List?

21 responses to “2021 Summer Bucket List (and Spring Bucket List Update)

  1. I had a picnic with my husband yesterday. And we had breakfast! Just to two of us as our kids were still sleeping. I would definitely take advantage of an ice cream maker if I had one!

    Good luck with the rest! They all sound fun. 🙂

  2. Not bad. I am surprised you have not used the ice cream maker. Do it! I am trying to remember if I have been to Trader Joe’s. I think I have. It’s not close to me here, but I believe I went with my daughter when she was an undergrad.

  3. YES a massage!!! Can I go, too? Love love love massages.
    We really enjoyed In the Heights. Hope you will go see it. A lot of fun with a great ending.
    Bump spring’s picnic, Trader Joe’s visit and ice cream with the ice cream freezer to summer, too. I have to use my bread machine and air fryer this summer. Just got the air fryer and love it but the bread machine seems to have a learning curve.

    I really liked Beach Read. Hope you do, too. Reading People We Meet on Vacation now and it is fun but has gone a little long for my liking.
    So glad you joined me!!

    Leslie Susan Clingan recently posted: My Summer 2021 Bucket List
  4. I’ve gone to the beach and tie dyed. I don’t have a summer list but those are two things I’ve really wanted to do this summer. Oh, and read a summer book which I just did. And oh yeah I did my 5k so I’ve had a good summer so far. I do want to make ice-cream popsicles and go to the beach a couple more times. I’m not sure what else other than making some sort of craft. Good luck with your goals!

  5. Ooo, this sounds like a fun list! I haven’t been swimming at night in ages but it’s the best! Would be fun to have an outdoor movie night too! :]

  6. Maybe you can screen In The Heights at the outdoor movie night! What is spaghetti 3-ways? That sounds like carb heaven! 😛

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